What is it about being young that fills you with such exuberant joy? Every day comes as an adventure, a blank page to fill, to make your mark.

Every victory is like winning a war and every loss is as crushing as the end of the world.

But the magic…

I have a little problem with looter shooters. That being, that they’re a complete waste of my all too short life. But before I continue let me explain what exactly this genre of game consists of.

Based on the name you’d be right to assume that they feature shooting. By…

Services like Ubereats and Foodora have made it easier than ever to have food of all kinds delivered to your door. But the workers behind these services, particularly the bike couriers, are often subject to dangerous conditions and unstable pay. …

Photo by Miguel Carraça on Unsplash

I see a tower

made of porcelain bricks

held together with water, sand, cement

and from hour to hour

It breaks apart


and then crushed

like an ephemeral piece of art

Constantly rebuilt

a gleaming enamel citadel

with an endlessly shifting surface

covered in a fine layer of silt

Alice Chen

Political Reporter

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